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Rana Shahzaib ceases Karachi Volts to win in 1st Karachi Defence Ramzan Cricket Tournament

Arham Cricket Club defeated Karachi Volts by five wickets to claim the victory of the 12th match played into Karachi Defence Ramzan Cricket Tournament 2019 which is being held at IBA Cricket Ground in Karachi.


Karachi Volts and Arham Cricket Club teams were up against each other in the most recent game played into this mega tournament which marked the 12th match being contested. It was Arham cricket team boys who came out stronger than their opponent team to take home the victory of their encounter, defeating Karachi Volts team by 5 wickets. 

The loser team folded a total of 141 runs on 8 of the players out by complete 20 overs to which comparatively, Arham team managed to score 142 runs with 6 outs on 20 overs. Ammar Iqbal and Faizan Munim stood the key players to score the most runs for Karachi Volts that are: 39 runs on 28 balls and 30 runs on 28 balls, respectively.

While Rana Shahzaib played pivitol role in earning his team the victory in the game with his total of 63 runs on 46 balls. For his great performance, he was also named the Man of the Match. 


Karachi Defence Cup Ramzan Night Cricket Tournament has been organized by PSSO and Sportics, for the first time ever, which is featuring a total of 10 teams whose players are in continuous efforts to pocket the attractive prize pursue of Rupees 135,000, which has been offered in this tournament, among which the winner team will be awarded with 160,000 Rupees and the runner-up team will get Rupees 40,000 worth of cash prize. Besides, Best Bowler, Best Batsman and Best Player will also be given awards.  

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