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Mirza Shoiab prompts DSA CC to win in 1st Karachi Defence Cup Ramzan Cricket Tournament

DSA Cricket Club won by 4 wickets against Karachi Stallions in their fixture of Karachi Defence Cup Ramzan Cricket Tournament 2019 which is being held at IBA Cricket Ground in Karachi.


Karachi Stallions and DSA Cricket teams were at clash in which DSA team etched their name on the victory of the match when Mirza Shoaib, with his total 35 runs on 39 balls, performed brilliantly throughout the game and guided his team towards their another win. 

The winner team folded a total of 123 runs by 19 overs and 6 outs to which Karachi Stallions boys had to score 124 to name the victory to their side but even them, chasing the target well, Karachi Stallions players managed to wrap up with a total of 120 runs by the end of the match with 10 of their players out.

Though the team effort was good and they did come close to equalizing or even getting ahead of the winner team but on the other hand, they kept losing their wickets which thwart them to mark their win in the game. 

For the losers, Talha Ahmedani and Faraz Khan proved to be the important players. While the Man of the Match title went to Faraz Khan of DSA Cricket Club. 

Now Karachi Volts will be facing Arham Cricket Club in the 12th fixture which is scheduled for today at 10:30 PM at the same venue.

Karachi Defence Cup Ramzan Night Cricket Tournament has been organized by PSSO and Sportics, for the first time ever, which is featuring a total of 10 teams whose players are in continuous efforts to pocket the attractive prize pursue of Rupees 135,000, which has been offered in this tournament, among which the winner team will be awarded with 160,000 Rupees and the runner-up team will get Rupees 40,000 worth of cash prize. Besides, Best Bowler, Best Batsman and Best Player will also be given awards.  

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