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Ijaz U Rehman


  1. 2002 Bowler of the year Award
  2. 2003 Bowler of the year Award
  3. 2005 Bowler of the year Award
  4. All Pakistan bowlers Championship 2003( Champion)
  5. All Pakistan Bowlers Championship 2004(Champion)
  6. Team Event winners of 4th National tenpin Bowling Championship 2009
  7. Mega zone Bowling Championship 2007(Winner doubles)
  8. 4th Islamabad tenpin Bowling Championship 2010 (Winner)
  9. 3rd Royal Rodale APBA independence Day Bowling Championship2005 (Winner Doubles)
  10. 1st Planet bowling Tournament 2002(winner)
  11. 5th Royal Rodale APBA Independence day bowling Championship 2005(WINNER)
  12. tenpin Bowling Championship 2004(Winner)
  13. 2nd Mega Zone Bowling Championship 2006(Winner)
  14. 2nd National Tenpin Bowling Championship 2008(Team Winner)
  15. Islamabad Bowling Challenge 2002(Winner)
  16. 2nd National Tenpin bowling championship 2004(Winner)
  17. 2nd Mohtarama Benazir Shaheed tenpin Bowling Championship 2010(Team Winner Gold medalist)
  18. Mega zone Bowling Promotional Championship 2001(Winner)
  19. Mega Zone Bowling Promotional Championship 2000(Winner)
  20. Hunch Tenpin Bowling Championship 2003 (Winner)
  21. 2nd Islamabad Premier League Tenpin Bowling Championship 2010(Winner)

and counting.

Ijaz U Rehman's Profile

Age (Years):   48
Sport:   Tenpin Bowling
City:   Islamabad
Weight(Kgs):   60
Height:   5'8''

Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation
Pakistan Tenpin Bowling


Ijaz Ur Rehman from Batkhela Malakand agency. Fond of playing ten-pin bowling. Right-handed hook shooter. National champion of ten-pin bowling in Pakistan and current secretary-general of the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation.

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