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Arshad Iqbal Burki


  • Highest world ranking #52
  • Pakistan Jr#1
  • Pakistan senior # 3
  • Asian Jr team champion (India - Madras)
  • Asian Jr Brown's middle list (India - Madras)
  • World Jr team Brown's middle list (Italy - Milan)
  • National champion
  • NSC international champion (Malaysia)
  • Win 10 WSF - PSA Satellites tournaments (USA)
  • Pittsburgh open semifinalist (USA)
  • Finalist of PIA Jr open
  • National team champion. Win for PIA - Pakistan international airline
  • Win Brown's middle for Wapda in national games
  • CNS international open Semifinalist (Pakistan - Karachi)
  • 3 time semifinalist of president cup
  • Semifinalist of CAS open
  • Former Teams Represent: Pakistan Wapda & PIA- Pakistan international airline

Arshad Iqbal Burki's Profile

Age (Years):   40
Sport:   Squash
City:   Peshawar
Weight(Kgs):   84
Height:   5'8''

Dover Squash
Pakistan National Squash Team

Arshad Iqbal Burki is a professional squash player from Pakistan. Burki is one-time Pakistan national squash champion and an Asian junior team gold medalist. His highest world ranking was #52 in January 2004. As of July 2019 he is ranked #165 in the world.

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