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Abeeha khan


Ive been 2 times Nation Rock climbing champion under15 category, Gold medalist in gymnatics under school competitions.Football gold medalist (MTFA).Cricket bronze (school tournament)throwball Silver and Gold(st) now ive have predcribed my attention toward squash. It is my ultimate goal to be efficient in every sport particularly squash which catches my interest.But being a young teenage female athlete, i also see many deprivation in the country, especially regarding squash,(eg.less squash opens for women). Thus i would like to jump as high over this hurdle and clear the country's prestige.

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Age (Years):   21
Sport:   Squash
City:   Lahore
Weight(Kgs):   57
Height:   5'6''

I represent the team of my motivation, my willingness and the fortitude of sportsmanship.

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