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India wins International Handball Trophy

India won the Junior and Youth titles of International Handball Federation (IHF) South & Central Asia Youth & Junior Trophy 2018 at International Handball Court of University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

India secured first positions in both junior and youth events of International Handball Trophy while the rivals and host Pakistan earned the second position in both categories.

In the Juniors category, Indian team got first position while Pakistan earned second and Bangladesh ended on 3rd position. India played 5 matches in juniors category and won all 5 of them Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives and scored 10 points. It scored 206 goals in the tournament and conceded 103 goals.

Pakistan Juniors also played 5 matches but won 4 of them against Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives and secured 8 points to earn the second position. Pakistan lost only match against the rivals India. Pakistan scored 212 goals but conceded 108 goals.

Bangladesh Juniors won three matches against Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives and ended on the third position with 6 points. It scored 183 goals and conceded 143 goals. Nepal Juniors got 4th position by winning 2 matches against Afghanistan and Maldives and secured 4 points. It scored 109 goals and conceded 182 goals.

Afghanistan Juniors won the only match against Maldives and stood 5th as it scored 101 goals and opponents scored 174 goals against them. Maldives ended on the 6th as it did not win any match in the tournament. Maldives scored 83 goals and rivals scored 184 goals against them.

India secured first position by winning all four matches in the youth category with 8 points. It scored 213 goals and conceded 76.

Pakistan youth got second position with 6 points after winning three matches out of four while it scored 183 goals and received 93 goals from the opponents.

Bangladesh clinched third position by winning two matches with 4 points. Bangladeshi youth scored 140 goals and received 126.

Maldives Youth won only one match out of four matches and stood fourth after scoring 70 goals. It conceded 196 goals from rivals. However, Nepal Youth did not win any match. It scored 84 goals while conceded 199 goals from opponents.

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