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Nadir Magsi stars in Second Thal Jeep Rally

Nadir Magsi has won the second Thal Jeep Rally while Sahibzada Sultans secured the second position. Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab announced the results at Faisal Stadium Muzaffargarh.

As the results of Stock and Pre-paired categories announced, Nadir Magsi completed the distance in 2 hours 17 minutes and 5 seconds wins the race while covering the same distance in 2 hours 32 minutes and 4 seconds, the winner of 1st Thal rally Sahibzada Sultan secured the second position. Anas Khakwani from Multan got third position as he completed the distance in two hours, 34 minutes and 26 seconds.

Amir Magsi secured 1st position in B category while Nouman got second and Mian Shabbir got 3rd Position. In C category of pre-paired vehicles, Mian Rafiq won the 1st position while Gohar Sangi got second and Dr. Noorullah Qamar secured 3rd position. Amenullah Khan Shadikhel remained the 1st in D category of pre-paired. Zafar Khan Baloch got 2nd position and Abdul Razzaq remains 3rd.

In A category of stock vehicles, Asif Fazal Chaudhry secured 1st position while Mansoor Haleem got second and Babar Khan got third. In B category of stock, Shakil Ahmed got 1st position. Sajad Qureshi got 2nd and Muhammad Bilal Chaudhry got 3rd. In C catogery, Ahmad Nosherwan Tawana secured 1st position, Asadullah Marwat clinched 2nd and Syed Mubin Ahmed remained 3rd.

In D-category, Arbab Ahmad took the first position, Maher Sajjad Husain second and Mahr Umer Hayat took the third position. In women category, Tashna Patel took the first position and Momal Khan remained the second.

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