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IHF South and Central Asia handball Trophy

India secured first positions in both junior and youth events of International Handball Trophy while the rivals and host Pakistan earned the second position in both categories.

Pakistan handball federation has organized the IHF South and Central Asia handball championship. Sixteen teams from eight different countries participated in the event which comprises men’s youth and junior teams. Following are the teams Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and  Yemen.
Youth Competition- Results  
10-03-201810:00Nepal VS Pakistan13-50
12:00Maldives VS Bangladesh21 – 47
11-03-201810:00Pakistan VS Maldives 64-11
Nepal VS India14-61
12-03-201810:00India VS Bangladesh 41-20
12:00Maldives VS Nepal26-23
13-03-201810:00India VS Maldives62-12
12:00Bangladesh VS Pakistan17-33
14-03-201810:00Bangladesh VS Nepal56-31
15-03-201810:00Pakistan VS India30-49
Junior Competition- Results
10-03-201814:00Maldives VS Bangladesh21-47
16:00Nepal VS Pakistan16-56
18:00Afghanistan VS India14-38
11-03-201814:00 Bangladesh VS Nepal43-21
16:00India VS Maldives33-21
18:00Pakistan VS Afghanistan46-15
12-03-201814:00Maldives VS Pakistan19-43
16:00Nepal VS Afghanistan26-20
18:00Bangladesh VS India22-48
13-03-201814:00Nepal VS  India17-47
16:00 Afghanistan VS Maldives31-12
14-03-201812:00Pakistan VS Bangladesh44-21
14:00Maldives VS Nepal 22-32
15-03-201812:00Bangladesh VS Afghanistan52-21
14:00India VS Pakistan40-29

Event News

  • Bangladesh youth outpaced Nepal while Pakistan juniors thrashed Maldives and Nepal juniors defeated Maldives on the day 5 of International Handball Federation (IHF) South & Central Asia Youth & Junior Trophy 2018 at International Handball Court of University of...