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Pakistan Navy's International Nautical Competition 2020 from today

Third Pakistan Navy International Nautical Competition 2020 is being held from February 3 to February 6 in Karachi.

All is set for the Third Pakistan Navy International Nautical Competition, 2020, being held from February 3 to February 6 in Karachi.

The tournament includes swimming and lifesaving races at the Naval Physical Training and Sports Complex and seamanship race and sailing competitions at the Karachi Harbour.

The event is being conducted for the third time by Pakistan Navy, after 2015 and 2017. The competition is conducted biennially by Pakistan Naval Academy and comprises sailing, swimming, life saving and seamanship events. 

Starting from a humble figure of two, now the participating teams have increased to seven, including countries from Europe, Middle East, Far East, under the motto of ‘Knotted by Ocean’. The aim of the competition is to promote healthy seamanship activities among the friendly navies as well as to promote goodwill and friendship. 

China had won the 2nd International Nautical Competition held in Karachi by the Pakistan Navy. The naval teams that had participated in the contest included Sri Lanka, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Naval Academy and Pakistan Marines Academy.

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