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APCOMS Fiesta Futsal 2019 kicks off TODAY!

The wait is finally over! APCOMS Fiesta Futsal 2019 is all set to kick start from today at APCOMS ground in Rawalpindi where a total of 32 teams will compete for top honors.

Not too long till it begins! The much awaited APCOMS Fiesta Futsal 2019 is all set to kick off today and will continue till 8th November at APCOMS ground in Rawalpindi. 

The said tournament is being organized by Army Public College of Management & Sciences (APCOMS) which will feature as many as 32 teams that have now been finalized to compete in the upcoming matches with all their skills and talent so as to earn top honors in the tournament.

Participating teams are namely stated below:

1. Brothers FC
2. Rogue FC
3. Warriors FC
5. Black FC
6. Comrades FC
7. Mofos FC
8. Riphah Warriors FC
9. Scorpions FC (Taxila)
10. Sumrfs jnr FC
11. Bone Breakers FC
12. Rippers FC
13. UET FT (Taxila)
14. Skelton FC
15. SMD FC
16. Laki Marwat FC
17. Roots FC (Wah Cantt)
18. Tornadoes FC
19. Angry Bird FC
20. Pending
21. Minhas FC (Wah Cantt)
22. Galacticos Fc
23. Nipplabad FC
24. Star FC
25. Pak Shaheen FC
27. Pending
28. Pakistan FC
29. Behnoi United FC
30. Roots Wellington H-8
31. Boca Jr FC
32. Jammu Kashmir FC


MATCH 0110:30 AM to 11:00 AMCivil FC VS SMD FC
MATCH 0211:10 AM to 11:40 AMSkelton FC VS Rogue FC
MATCH 0311:50 PM to 12:20 PMWarriors FC VS Comrades FC
MATCH 0412:30 PM to 01:00 PMMofos FC VS Angry Bird FC
MATCH 0501:20 PM to 01:50 PMPak Shaheen FC VS Roots Wellington H8
MATCH 0602:00 PM to 02:30 PMWolves FC VS Hamdard FC
MATCH 0702:40 PM to 03:10 PMBrothers Fc VS Smurfs JR
MATCH 0803:20 pm to 03:50 PMScorpions FC VS Tornadoes FC
MATCH 0904:00 PM to 04:30 PMUSGC FC VS BOCA JR
MATCH 1004:40 PM to 05:10 PMJammu Kashmir FA VS PAK FC

 MATCH 11 05:20 PM to 05:50 PMMinhas FC VS Galacticous FC
MATCH 1206:00 PM to 06:30 PMUET Taxila FC VS POPO FC
MATCH 1306:40 PM to 07:10 PMBlack FC VS Rippah Warriors FC
MATCH 1407:20 PM to 07:50 PMMBA FC VS Star FC
MATCH 1508:00 PM to 08:30 PMPablo FC VS Bone Breakers
MATCH 1608:40 PM to 09:10 PMRippers FC VS Nippalabad FC
It has been stated necessary for every participant to bring their ID or Student Card. Top position holder teams will be awarded lavish trophies along with cash prizes, shields and certificates. The winners will also be provided with dinner by APCOMS.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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